Sunday, September 26, 2010

Strawberry Apple Snow

Well, with the weather warming up and all and our first couple of t-shirt days passed, I thought I would give you something cool to enjoy.

I couldn't resist the strawberries from the grower at the market the other day. 2 buckets for $12. The strawberries where juicy, bright and still warm. The taste of the sun giving them that sweetness that can't be found in a refrigerated berry. Which begs the question, what to do with 2 buckets of strawberries? Especially when I won't be making jam.

I'd seen a post from Jen over on Use Real Butter about an ice-cream she made using only bananas. You know how it is with me and bananas. So I gave it a go with strawberries and it worked quite nicely, and then I tried it with apples, which wasn't as fabulous but the addition of apple juice made it work too.

So here you have it.

Strawberry Apple Snow.

Wash and trim the strawberries and lay on a flat tray on top of a sheet of baking paper.
Put in the freeze.

Put it in the food processor - it will start to look like gravel.

Then like powder.

Then like sorbet. Perfect for eating straight away and it is so good for you you can eat it any time of the day.

If it is not doing much past the powder you may need to add a little liquid such as some apple juice.

I also did the same with some apples that needed using. I peeled them and cut them into thin slices and froze them. Then went through the same process. I found the apples needed a lot more liquid then the strawberries to make a sorbet like texture.

I put the left overs in the freeze again and they froze quite hard. No good for a luscious scoop like you saw earlier. Instead, I scraped it with a fork in a manner similar to making a granita. This is the strawberry and apple together.

And I ended up with a cooling cup of deliciousness.

I did find the apple began to discolour once the air hit it. Next time I will use some lemon juice in the mix to see if the acid helps it keep it's lovely soft creamy colour.

Next confession, I did actually try it with bananas. Twice. The first time plain and the second time with the addition of finely grated dark chocolate and peanut butter - as suggested by Jen. But as mentioned, I don't like banana's and I didn't like them any more in this form. Again, I didn't get my banana timing right. The bananas I used were a bit under-ripe and in this form the roughness in the mouth made it pretty much inedible. I also thought that continued whipping in the food processor would make it light and fluffy, but it actually went strangely tough. So, if you do try this banana recipe, I would recommend stopping as soon as it looks ice-creamy.



  1. ooh, you just made my mouth water.
    I can picture it with blueberries too.
    the dark chocolate and peanut butter things sounds yummy also. mmm.

  2. What a great idea -- I'd never thought of preparing fruit that way.

    I've met Jen -- she's in Colorado. No surprise -- she's as fabulous as you are, B.