Thursday, August 26, 2010

To begin at the beginning.

The dreaded words that you knew were coming but hoped you could avoid, fall from you health professionals lips. Gluten-free. I always stated I would cry if I had to go gluten free and my preemptive moaning has brought on a worse curse. Gluten-free and dairy free and sugar free.

Kill me now.

What will I eat? More to the point, what will I bake?

Preliminary internet searches confirmed my worst fears. Sprouting granola ??? (I kid you not) No, I do not wish to eat nuts that have been boiled for an hour and what the hell is agave nectar and xylitol?

I have decided instead, to search out recipes from regular foodie blogs and just use the ones which avoid most of the things I need to avoid, or ones where easy substitutes can be found.

It's not actually that bad. Firstly, I'm doing this by choice. (We're trying to be healthy to coax my eggs-of-doom into making a baby that can live). Secondly, I'm sure lots of people do this already and they probably have taste buds too and also like to cook. Thirdly, I'm giving my self a time-frame. There's a light at the end of this tunnel baby. Who knows, I too, will probably turn into a righteous fun-free food freak before you can say amaranth porridge.


The rules.

Dairy (mostly)

Organic everything
Goats milk and cheeses
Butter (a bit)
Natural yoghurt (cows milk)
Cold pressed oils
Fruit (3 pieces a day)
Veges (Infinite)
All those gluten free grains and flours I've yet to discover.


I tried not to show my disappointment. And the naturopath kept apologising each time she took away another of my favourite foods. I bit my bottom lip so it wouldn't tremble. I was so ashamed at how upset I was at giving up these foods. A part of my brain was lecturing me about foolish luxuries and gratitude that I can make food choices, but my heart was desperately sad. I love to cook. I particularly love to cook with butter, flour and sugar. My rhubarb muffins, baked for the first time this winter, had been a raving success at both my and my husbands place of work. There'd been requests, duplicate batches dispensed. The softness of the muffin. The perfect balance of sweet and tart and the crust on top of sugar and cinnamon.......In summer it was the blood plums poached in red wine and spices and then sunk into an almond frangipane held in a perfectly thin crisp pastry case...... Friends treasured these and with acts of incredible will power only let themselves eat them one at a time, so, like Charlie with his chocolate, they could spread the love out over the week.

And as sad as I am to be giving up eating these things, I'm equally sad to be giving up baking them. You see, baking and love go hand in hand. A dimpled pie of rabbit and fennel wrapped in layers of buttery filo speaks love in a way quinoa salad simply can't. And I just can't cook these things without eating them - you can taste the bitterness of my torture. It just wouldn't be right at all.

So this is my attempt to find new ways of spreading food love within the parameters set for me by those who know a lot more about nutrition and ovaries and babies then I ever will.


Walk with me as I embark on this food journey. I'm in the process of an early attempt at a tart case. I'll share this with you when they have been baked, filled and et.


  1. Wow. Big challenge.

    I've done it myself, from time to time. Didn't find anything to bake though. Mostly ate steamed vegetables and quinoa. Always lost a lot of weight, felt fantastic, but my tastebuds won out in the end. Even got pregnant once, but that didn't last either.

    Glad you have a timeframe, I am sure that will make it much easier.

    Go forth and find me some delicious recipes, that I may follow in your footsteps!

  2. I cant wait to walk this journey with you! A dear friend just was diagnosed with celiac's, so this is timely!

  3. I follow a few foodie blogs that also must be gluten free- I'll pass them on:

  4. I'm eager to see how you do this and what you come up with. And any changes you experience.

    I've been told by naturopaths that I have a very sensitive system and should give up certain things. I didn't go as far as you are going, so I will nourish vicariously through you.

  5. Wow. That is tough. I know you can't make those rhubarb muffins anymore, but can you still give out the recipe? I might be able to make them well enough to not insult your generosity in sharing.

    May it all be worth it in the end. You are a trooper for even trying.

  6. Well, Heeellllooooo! So nice to check out your new space. Will be back to see how this very interesting new adventure is going...

  7. Just saw this and thought you might like it:

  8. I have been down this path myself. I know it seems daunting at first, but it is totally doable. Sugar is really and addiction, so it's hard to get off that! At least you can have some dairy. The only dairy I can have is ghee, clarified butter. I really do miss cheese, but it does not agree with my body, and I'm not even TTC anymore!

    I used to post "Gluten-Free Fridays" on my old blog site. If you go there and look up my gluten-free tags, you'll find those posts and recipes. The address is

  9. Thanks Mrs Spock and Phoebe for the links.

    I'll be sure to look them up and learn from your/their wise advice.

  10. ooh, I'm excited to follow along and see what you come up with.

    my hub eats no sugar except for limited fruit (and only then with nuts or high protein) and we only eat whole grains (but still eat gluten). it's very hard to eat out anymore, and when it come to dessert, I'm on my own...

    your pix and recipes look great!

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